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Title Protection Europe is an insurance brokerage firm specialising in title insurance. Ms Klein Wassink is the founder of Title Protection Europe. Ms Klein Wassink has a law degree from Leiden University. She also studied at Emory University of Atlanta (USA). Ms. Klein Wassink worked extensively in the legal profession at reputable law firms in Amsterdam and Paris before she became an insurance broker.

Ms Klein Wassink is fluent in Dutch, French and English and is familiar with the ins and outs of property transactions in the Benelux and France. Ms Klein Wassink is an expert in assessing legal risks in property transactions. She understands your insurance needs, and will procure tailor—made insurance coverage at short notice at a reasonable price from the trusted insurers with whom Title Protection Europe has a long-term relationship. This allows her clients to reduce risk, gain speed and improve the security of their real estate transactions

Ms Klein Wassink works independently and will ensure that her clients get her full and dedicated attention, working with trusted A-rated insurance companies to provide a seamless service.



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