TPE | Title Insurance

Title insurance protects purchasers of commercial and residential property against the legal uncertainty inherent in property transfers, and in particular, protects them against legal issues relating to property ownership that come to light during a due diligence investigation. Title Insurance provides a specific guarantee for issues which standard legal representations and warranties don’t cover.

Title Insurance may also grant property ownership guarantees if the seller cannot give guarantees of sufficient quality in the event of a distressed or auction sale, or if the seller intends to liquidate shortly after the sale (e.g. investment funds) or if the seller simply doesn’t accept contingent liabilities.

Title Insurance transfers the legal risks of a property transaction to an (A-rated) insurer for a longer term.

Title Insurance protects buyers against loss, litigation and costs, and instead provides security and speed in property transactions. Title Insurance allows sellers to limit their surviving guarantees and escrow/deposits.

Title Insurance is a tailor-made solution to match buyers and sellers requirements in property transactions.

Title insurance can also be taken out to protect loan portfolios to guarantee the rank of their security and to cover latent title issues, thereby improving the quality of the portfolio.


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